A simple way to talk about the future - ir a + [verbo]

Voy a comer chocolate.

Voy a comer chocolate.

Just like in English, we use the verb to go (ir) to talk about what we are going to do. In Spanish, we express this in the following ways:

voy a - I'm going to
vas a - you're going to (tú)
va a - you're going to (usted)
va a - he/she is going to
vamos a - we're going to
van a - they're going to
van a - you guys are going to
(vais a - you guys are going to, vosotros)

Use one of these expressions and add another verb (see the sections on -ar, -er, or -ir verbs) to say what it is you're going to do. Consider the example below:

"Yo hablo"  (I speak) becomes "Yo voy a hablar"  (I'm going to speak).


Yo voy a comer chocolate.

Tú vas a beber agua en el gimnasio.

Usted va a estudiar en la biblioteca.

Nosotros vamos a bailar en la fiesta.

Ellos van a correr en el parque.