Guest Author Series: Craig Klein Dexemple

Papacito is a compelling, comprehensible novel for beginners.

Papacito is a compelling, comprehensible novel for beginners.

This week it is my pleasure to present the incredible storyteller Craig Klein Dexemple as the latest Read to Speak Spanish Guest Author.

Craig is a native Spanish speaker from Colombia, South America. He was born and raised in Cúcuta, a city near the Venezuelan border. Craig has a Bachelor’s and a Master’s in Spanish Literature, and currently teaches Spanish in the state of Iowa.

He is passionate about teaching the Spanish language through comprehensible input and has created unique approaches to instruction that include current events, culture, storytelling, music, literature, games, art, and more. He is a frequent presenter at many world language conferences and his presentations have been voted as best of the state. In 2018 Craig was also recognized as Iowa Educator of the year.

He is the founder of and author of popular Spanish readers such as El ratón Pablito, La familia de Federico Rico, La piñata de Renata, ¡Papacito!, El silbón de Venezuela, El Pombero, Peter va a Colombia, as well as posters, maps, animated videos and other educational materials.

For more information about Craig’s novels and other materials, please visit They are also available on Amazon.

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And now, it is my great pleasure to present you with the following excerpt from ¡Papacito!, a compelling and comprehensible novel for beginners.


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