La periodista (Paperback)

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La periodista (Paperback)


This book was written in simple Spanish for beginners who want to improve their Spanish rapidly through comprehensible input. It is the perfect addition to a comprehension-based, communicative classroom using TPRS or TCI.

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An engaging story for learners of Spanish 1+

La periodista

Gabriela is a journalist in San Juan, Puerto Rico. Sometimes she writes about baseball. Sometimes she writes about dangerous criminals. One day, Gabriela meets a lost tourist named Pedro and offers to help him find his way. However, there is more to the tourist than meets the eye. Soon, Pedro reveals that Gabriela’s exposé articles about El Sacerdote, a particularly dangerous criminal, have put her in terrible danger.

Additional Information

  • Footnotes with English translations for words likely to be unfamiliar.

  • An exhaustive Spanish-English glossary to ensure comprehension

  • Photos of relevant places and landmarks to aid comprehension

  • Written specifically for use in a Comprehension-based, communicative classroom