Las tres pruebas (paperback)

Who is this book for? Las tres pruebas is a brief novel written in Spanish for language learners. It is the appropriate reading level for most students in Spanish two or above, especially those taught using TPRS© or TCI. 

Description:Juan Pablo is an adventurous boy who arrives late everywhere he goes. When confronted by his crazy-eyed Spanish literature teacher and his principal, El señor Bautista, Juan Pablo says he wants to change. Señor Bautista sends him to meet with El Maestro, a wise, old man who sends the boy an three dangerous tests that will supposedly break his bad habit of always being late. Will they be enough to cause Juan Pablo to change? Or will they cost him his life?
     Las tres pruebas is written mostly in the present tense, but it does not shelter grammar. There are instances of "advanced" grammar so beginners can begin to see the language in a more complete context.

This book was originally published as Juan Pablo y el mal hábito.

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