Basic Spanish Vocabulary

To up your Spanish game, you need to learn basic Spanish vocabulary. If you learn just a few critical words in Spanish, it can easily increase your comprehension of most texts by 50 to 70 percent. This is essential because reading texts you understand is the easiest, fastest way to drive your acquisition of the language.

In this lesson, you will learn 18 high-frequency Spanish words that will repeat themselves over and over. You will see one of these words on every single page of Spanish text you ever read. In fact, you'll probably see one or more of them in every single paragraph. Let's get started.

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Read Another Spanish Story

This short story was written using high frequency Spanish vocabulary. If you read Spanish a little bit every day you will increase your fluency dramatically. Speaking another language is all about getting comprehensible exposure — what some call immersion — in that language. You can also check out Read to Speak Spanish's featured books.

Las mascotas enemigas.

Las mascotas enemigas.

Las mascotas enemigas

Había un perro y un gato que vivían en la misma casa. 

Ellos no eran amigos. 

Eran enemigos.

Un día los enemigos fueron al parque.

El gato estaba en una mesa.

El perro le dio un empujón° y el gato se cayó al suelo.

Entonces el gato empezó a planear su venganza°.

°empujón push °venganza revenge