no crying over spilled coffee

Read a Story in Spanish

This Spanish story is designed to help you learn to read and speak Spanish fast. It targets the high frequency words you'll hear in most everyday conversations. The more you read and hear these words in context the more likely you are to be able to use them like a native speaker. Read the "Why Read Spanish?" article for more information on the benefits of reading Spanish.If you want additional exposure to high frequency words, check out the Spanish eBooks available on Amazon Kindle. 

Read Spanish: Hay un hombre que está en Starbucks.

Read Spanish: Hay un hombre que está en Starbucks.

Sonia está en Starbucks.

Está tomando un café solo.

También lee un libro.

Emilio entra en el café.

Emilio es muy guapo.

Por accidente, Sonia derrama su café cuando ve a Emilio.

Emilio viene a la mesa donde está Sonia y sonríe.

¿Qué le dice Emilio a Sonia?

This Spanish story has an open ending. If you have a creative way for this story to end, leave me a message in the comments.