Reading Guide

Free Question Guide for La espía huérfana

One of the best things for language learners to do is read in the language they wish to learn. It's perfectly fine to read for pleasure and not do anything else with the text. However, sometimes it's fun to dive in a little deeper with a novel or story. With that in mind, I created a set of questions to help you dig deeper in Spanish with La espía huérfana. This resource is also available for free (along with many others) at Teachers Pay Teachers.

This resource includes:

  • A "Before You Read" section with 7 questions that ask readers to make predictions about the text. Great for activating schema.
  • An "After You Read" section with 8 questions that lead to positive takeaways from the text. 
  • An "Important Characters" List that lets readers make notes about the characters.
  • All the pages are printable so readers can write directly on the handout.
  • Footnotes with English translations to help readers understand directions