Spanish Novel: La espía huérfana

After more than a year and a lot of hard work, I'm proud to present this labor of love for your consideration. La espía huérfana — The Orphan Spy, a novel in Spanish for language learners.

Who is this book for? La espía huérfana is a brief novel written in Spanish for language learners. It is the appropriate reading level for most students nearing the end of Spanish one or above, especially those taught using TPRS© or TCI. 

Description: After the tragic death of her parents, Violeta struggles to adjust to her new life in San Diego. Her life takes an intriguing turn when she receives a mysterious letter warning that she is in grave danger. When she learns that one of the world's most wanted criminals has escaped from prison and is looking for her, it will take more than courage to survive. 

La espía huérfana is written mostly in the present tense, but it does not shelter grammar. There are instances of "advanced" grammar so beginners can begin to see the language in a more complete context. To keep this text engaging and comprehensible for all learners, La espía huérfana includes a gloss of vocabulary considered "likely unfamiliar".

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