Spanish Phrase — Zapatero, a tus zapatos

Just like in English, Spanish has common phrases that are used in everyday speech. It can be a HUGE help to just learn some of these because they can keep you engaged in a conversation where you might have gotten lost otherwise. Spanish phrases like these are also a lot of fun to say! 

Read Spanish Phrases — Zapatero, a tus zapatos.

Read Spanish Phrases — Zapatero, a tus zapatos.

Spanish Saying

Zapatero, a tus zapatos.
Stick to what you know.
Literally: Shoemaker, to your shoes.

When should I use this Spanish phrase?

Imagine you are in expert at using Instagram. You have 15,000 followers, and a friend is asking how she can get more for her own account. Now imagine another friend butts his way into the conversation (he only has 10 followers) and gives the first friend really bad advice. You could say to him,  "Zapatero, a tus zapatos."