Spanish Phrase — Nunca digas "de esta agua no beberé"

Just like in English, Spanish has common phrases that are used in everyday speech. It can be a HUGE help to just learn some of these because they can keep you engaged in a conversation where you might have gotten lost otherwise. Spanish phrases like these are also a lot of fun to say! If you are interested in reviewing other high frequency vocabulary, check out the free Read to Speak Spanish videos.

Read to Speak Spanish Phrases

Read to Speak Spanish Phrases

Spanish Saying

Nunca digas "de esta agua no beberé".
Never say never.
Literally: Never say, "From this water I will not drink".

When should I use this Spanish phrase?

When someone says they'll never do something you can pull out this phrase. You can add a little addendum if you'd like, as well. Nunca digas, "de esta agua no beberé". Porque el camino es largo y te puede dar sedFor the road is long and you might get thirsty