Boost your fluency with a Spanish story

This is a continuation of a previous Spanish story. This story will help you boost your fluency because it contains "advanced grammar and structures". Really, everything is advanced when you're talking about learning a new language. And the good news is that every time you get a comprehensible rep of a particular word, phrase, structure, etc. you are one step closer to mastering it. After enough reps these tricky points become second nature, and you don't have to think consciously about it anymore.


Hace dos semanas Esmeralda robó un gran castillo bonito en Europa.

Pero ahora ella está muy arrepentida.

Pues, la policía ha venido al castillo de Esmeralda. 

Ella ha cometido un delito.

Es probable que ella vaya a la cárcel. 

Pero Esmeralda no está triste. 

Cree que todo valió la pena.