Most language learners focus on the wrong thing.

Most people struggle to learn a new language because they focus on textbook grammar rules or rote memorization, but Read to Speak Spanish makes original and compelling stories to help you achieve natural and lasting fluency.

When you read for fun in Spanish, your brain gets lots of opportunities to process the language. Since processing comprehensible language is the driving force behind acquisition, you want to have as many chances as possible to do just that. If you want to learn to speak Spanish, you need to get serious about reading.

Reading Spanish with the intent to understand what the text says mimics the natural way we learned our first language. The beauty of reading for fun in Spanish (or in any language) is that it takes the focus off of grammar rules. It turns out we don't need explicit grammar instruction to learn a language, although this is how most language textbooks, courses and software are designed!

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Read to Speak Spanish is written for true beginners in the language and those who want a refresher course on some of the basics. If you already have a solid foundation, you should keep reading at your level (where you understand ~90-95% of what you read without stopping to look up words) to increase your fluency.

Targeted Vocabulary:
hay—there is, there are
ser — to be
estar — to be
tener — to have
querer — to want
ir — to go
decir — to say
hacer—to do, to make
dar — to give
poner — to put
pensar — to think
poder — to be able (can)
saber — to know